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You should be an international student to Italy because Italy speaks many languages: beyond the renowned expertise in the language of the Architecture, Arts, Design and Fashion, Italy is very fluent in the language of Research and Science. Study in Italy and you will speak many languages.

Within the framework of the international programs on university education, the University of Cagliari reserves several places in its degree programs for non-EU students in general and specifically for Chinese students in the Marco Polo Program.

The Marco Polo Program, launched in Italy in 2005 and signed in 2004 by the Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities (CRUI) at the direct request of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, is an agreement between the Chinese government and the Italian one created with the aim of promoting the Italian university system in China, facilitating the integration of Chinese students in the Italian universities.

All the foreign students who intend to enrol at the University of Cagliari may find the information required in the Manifesto degli Studi.

For further details on the procedures applied at national level, consult the portal, the MIUR official website on Italian higher education system for foreign students and specifically the link /foreign students/


Find below the useful information you need about the procedures for enrolment, fees and our Degree Programmes.


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