Accommodation in Cagliari

Short stay

Upon your arrival in Cagliari you will need to find accommodation.

For temporary accommodation, we advise students to look for:

You can also contact Ms. Carla Farris, the responsible for the Residence Halls ERSU by mail at:

Information and contact numbers concerning hostels or B&Bs can be easily found at this address:

Long stay

If you are finding a place for a long stay, you can ask ESN Student Association staff for help

You should also contact ISAWO Cagliari Association Staff at the following adress:;

Once you arrive we’ll help you with the house search that we know it can be difficult because maybe you don’t speak Italian and landlords don’t speak English. ESN and ISAWO makes some appointments to see the flats and we’ll come with you to see them in order to give you some advice.

Here are a few websites that might help you in your search:

Another option is

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