Centro studi Crenos

CRENoS was formally established in 1993 by economists of the University of Cagliari and the University of Sassari. Since 2000 it is a section of the Interuniversity Centre for Economic Research and Mobility (CIREM).

Since the beginning, when most of the research activities were focused on the study of economic dualism, growth and convergence, the Centre has broadened the range of research topics. The Centre is now engaged in both theoretical and applied research. Within the active research lines, special attention is paid to the role played by intangible factors (human capital, social capital, institutional quality, technological change) in enhancing economic performance, to financial and monetary issues, as well as to health and welfare systems, natural resources and sustainable development.

CRENoS is partner of international research networks, within which it participates in projects, funded by the European Union and other international or institutions, and organizes scientific conferences, seminars, master courses and summer schools.

Indirizzo: Via s. Giorgio 12, 09124, Cagliari
Telefono: +39 070 6756406 - Fax: +39 070 6756402
Email: crenos@unica.it
Sito web: http://crenos.unica.it/crenos/

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