Experimental Immunology (Self-Service)

Experimental Immunology (Self-Service Only)

The lab offers characterization of biomolecules, proteins, enzymes, peptides and nucleic acids simultaneously with high-throughput statistical analysis and speed.

The lab provides a modular multi-technology system for cell imaging techniques in absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, TRF, alpha-screen and label-free applications. A multiplexed system is also available to analyze and charatcterize up to 100 biomolecules simultaneously in a single sample. Biacore x100 completes the lab by offering an easy-to-use interaction analysis system for affinity, kinetics and active concentration data for protein function and biological mechanisms.

Our Equipment: Ensight 3400S Multimode Plate Reader, Perkin Elmer; Biacore X100 SPR System, Cytiva; Bioplex 200 suspension multiplex system array, BioRAD.

For further information about our Experimental Immunology services, please contact: cesar@unica.it

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