Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Citometria a flusso e cell sorting

The facility offers multi-parametric analysis and sorting of cells and particles of different sizes and imaging flow cytometry applications for morphological and subcellular localization studies.

Schema della struttura di un citofluorimetro

Our lab host an high-throughput cell-sorter instrument with a 6-way independent system for the physical separation of highly purified viable cell populations, with maximum sorting speed at 70,000 events/sec.

Schema del principio di focalizzazione idrodinamica

MoFlo Astrios is equipped with 3 lasers with excitation at 405 nm, 488 nm and 642 nm; 2 detectors for FSC and SSC and 11 detectors for fluorescence parameters. Supplied with two nozzles sizes of 70 and 100 µm to sort cells between 0,2 and 30 µm diameter. Single-cell analysis in multi-well plates (6 to 1536 wells) is possible thanks to an automatic sorting and cloning control system. ImageStream MKII system combines flow cytometry and microscopy into one high- resolution instrument. Cell images are acquired while they run at 5000 events/sec. Instrument is equipped with 3 lasers, 405, 488 and 642 nm for up to 6 colors detection, SSC laser and 785 nm laser for brightfield and darkfield, thanks to a CCD camera for rapid and simultaneous acquisition of suspended particles with Time Delay Integration Technology.

Analisi del sangue intero tramite parametri di dispersione

CeSAR offers the following services:

For further information about our Flow cytometry and cell sorting services, please contact: cesar@unica.it

Dr. Rita Pillai

phone: +39 070 675 6587, email: rpillai@unica.it

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