Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy

Raman Spectroscopy enables the structural and vibrational characterization of a large variety of materials, with applications ranging from fundamental research, to forensics, to food science and many more.

Being considered as an identificative fingerprint of a material, the Raman spectrum can be used as a very powerful investigative tool, giving access to a very detailed understanding of the sample. The lab is equipped with a small, but effective Raman system, specifically tailored to face as many different applications as possible. The high portability of the system enables both indoor and outdoor on-site operation.

Our equipment: Portable OEM Raman system including 785 nm narrow-linelaser diode (power up to 300 mW); Raman spectrometer (range 65-3300 cm-1, resolution better than 5 cm-1); 2 channel fiber optic (excitation/collection); Optical microscope with xyz stage and image camera; Battery operation

Several in-house programs are available for users to facilitate data processing.

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