Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

The Mass Spectrometry facility provides support for the analysis of a wide range of molecules using mass spectrometry-based techniques. From low molecular weight to proteins structural studies.

Our Mass spectrometry laboratories are equipped with three modern instruments. The GC-MS coupled with a quick probe to direct in-source introduction of the sample allows analysis in real time of powders, tablets, food samples and liquids with minimal-to-no sample preparation. The ultrahigh resolution of the Orbitrap Elite hybrid MS can perform a wide variety of experiments from in-depth discovery-based experiments to comprehensive qualitative/quantitative experiments. The Agilent IM-QTOF provides the combined separation power and selectivity of LC, IM, and MS/MS techniques in compound identification with the additional dimension of separation as well as the structural information provided by ion mobility measurements.

Main equipment: Agilent GC-MS with Quick probe sample introduction system, Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Elite LC-MS, Agilent Ion Mobility Q-TOF LC-MS.

For further information about our MS services, please contact:

Dr. Giulio Ferino

phone: +39 070 675-6681, email:

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