Cell Colture (Self-Service)

Cell Culture Facility (Self-Service Only)


The cell culture facility supports internal users by providing all necessary equipment to grow, culture and manage indipendently mammalian cells, and it also allows you to prepare cells on site for further internal services such as sequencing, flow cytometry and immunology.


The Facility is composed by two rooms to grow indipendendently animal and human cells, divided by a preparatory room for the access. Each room host a CO2 incubators, a BSL2 laminar flow hood, a phase contrast microscope, a centrifuge, a thermostatic bath and a 4°C/-20°C refrigerator. Moreover there are an autoclave, a bench-top refrigerated centrifuge with different rotors and a dual brightfield/fluorescent cell counter.


Expansion and cultivation of cells of different origin (cell culture and tissue); pre-analytical preparation for flow cytometry, immunology and sequencing facilities; cell bioactivity; experimental models for tumor therapies or regenerative medicine; estimation of cell count and viability of cell suspension.


For further information about our Cell Culture services, please contact: cesar@unica.it

Dr. Rita Pillai

phone: +39 070 675 6587, email: rpillai@unica.it

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