The CeSAR, Center for Research University Service, was born from Sardinian Regional fundings in 2007, the foundation stone was laid in May 2014 and the official inauguration on November 16, 2017.

It houses high-tech equipment, some unique in Sardinia. The multidisciplinary conception of the Center wants not only to convey the message of multipurpose research but to allow researchers and scientists to meet and plan innovation and technology transfer with a versatile and modern approach.

The Center was created to drive and support the scientific and technological development of both the University and the local area, to make it competitive at the national and the international level, in the awareness that the boundaries between the different disciplines get increasingly blurred and the synergistic and multidisciplinary approach in research is fundamental.

The Center supports innovation and scientific-technological development thanks to the acquisition of substantial equipment of particular complexity to optimize resources, share them, to manage them in a rational, functional and profitable way.

CeSAR has the following institutional purposes:

  • Provide high-tech services and consultancy to researchers of the University of Cagliari for research and teaching activities, to public bodies and private companies that request them, in compliance with the rules set out in the Regulations of the CeSAR;
  • Contribute, together with the other realities located in the territory, to the creation of a regional research and services network;
  • Strengthen the driving role of the University both from a cultural point of view and in technology transfer;
  • Allowing the inclusion of highly qualified technicians and researchers from the area in the regional research system;
  • To manage and promote, non-profit, avant-garde research activities, both fundamental and applied, making available tools and structures created with public funds, as well as providing new tools and resources for the implementation of international scientific projects;
  • Spread in the regional research fabric the updated knowledge necessary for the use of scientific equipment and the dissemination of new technologies;
  • Contribute to Higher Education activities, developing interaction with the territory.

Address: S.P. 8 Monserrato Sestu km 0.700, 09042 Monserrato CA

We are based in Blocco A of the Cittadella Universitaria di Monserrato

The CeSAR is located a few minutes by car from both the Cagliari-Elmas airport and the city center.

Public transportation

- Bus Lines: 8, 29, U-EX

- Train: Policlinico Universitario

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