MoFlo Astrios EQs

The MoFlo AstriosEQs is an High-Speed Cell Sorter system that enable rapid single cell analysis and sorting for both routine testing and further detailed analysis of both single cell and mixed cell populations It features three laser lines (405 nm, 488 nm, and 642 nm), two scatter parameters(side and forward scatter) and 11 fluorescence detectors which can simultaneously separate 6 different cell populations, and enable sterile sorting in excess of 70,000 cells per second. The instrument is housed in an temperature controlled room for sustained stability and has an aerosol containment system.

Moflo Astrios EQs

Technical specifications

Jet-in-air system

Temperature regulation for sample and collection vessels (4°C, 37°C, RT, etc.)

Available nozzle sizes: 70um, 100um

Up to 6 populations can be sorted at the same time (only available for 5mL tubes)

Various collection vessels can be used:

  • 5mL, 2mL, 1.5mL tubes (6-way sort possible)
  • 15mL tubes (2-way sort)
  • 50mL tubes (2-way sort)
  • slides
  • 384w, 96w, 48w, 24w,12w, 6w plates (1-way sort)
  • PCR tubes/strips/plates (1-way sort)

Sort setup modes: Purity, Single Cell (cloning), Enrichment



Violet Laser 405 nm Fluorocromes Blue Laser 488 nm Fluorocromes Red Laser 642 nm Fluorocromes
448/59 VK 405, DAPI, PB 513/26 FITC; AF488 671/30 APC; DRAQ7
546/20 KO; PO 576/20 PE; RPE 722/44 APC-Cy5.5; AF700
    620/29 PE-Texas Red; PI 795/70 APC-Cy7: APC-AF750
    644/22 7AAD; PercP    
    710/45 PC5.5; PE-AF700    
    795/70 PC7    



The facility offers different level of services according to the user’s preferences:

Consultation regarding the experimental design;

Design and implementation of comprehensive studies;

Apoptosis/necrosis analysis;

Cell cycle;

PBMC and red blood immunophenotyping;

Cell sorting to obtain purified cell populations based on the immunophenotype and/or functional features, including:

  • Purification of rare cells from a heterogeneous sample.
  • Sorting eukaryotic and procaryotic cells.
  • High-purity cell sorting up to 6 cell populations
  • Optimized recovery of intact/viable cells for further analysis such as PCR, DNA sequencing, cell culture, use in animal models, etc.

For further information about our Flow Cytometry and Cell sorting services, please contact:

Dr. Rita Pillai

phone: +39 070 675 6587, email:

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