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Language Skills Assessment Test

Language Skills Assessment Test (ACL)

The language skills assessment service is available for the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German (the list of languages may be updated). It takes place every two months: you can check the dates in the calendar.


Service fee 
The Price List for C1 level has been supplemented by the Board during the meeting of the 21st of December 2022. The students of the University of Cagliari can use the service at a reduced fee and external students at the standard fee: 

€ 30,00 for the students enrolled at the University of Cagliari (Students Profile) 

€ 50,00 only for the students enrolled at the University of Cagliari who have to achieve level C1 (Students Profile) 

€ 48,80 for the external students (not enrolled at the University of Cagliari) 

€ 97,60 only for the external students who have to achieve level C1 (not enrolled at the University of Cagliari) 

Please note that the test dates might vary depending on the number of the registered students. Any variations of the above-mentioned dates will be promptly communicated with a notice on the website. For any information, please send an e-mail at the following e-mail address: amm.cla@unica.it 
If you are students enrolled in the academic year 2019-2020 and following of a bachelor’s degree or single-cycle master’s degree, please always cc (copy) the project e-mail: inglese.unicla@unica.it  



Registration steps:

1 – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: the user expresses his/her interest in participating in the test on the desired date by using the form provided in the website calendar for the month chosen (this is not a definitive registration, but only a registration that serves to quantify the total number of people interested).

2 – FULL REGISTRATION: (effective registration for the test):  After expressing his/her interest, the user will receive a link to enter the complete data in the registration form. This link will be sent individually by email: the detailed timetable and payment method will be sent later on to the email provided in the expression of interest.  

3 – COMPUTER-BASED TEST: after the full registration form has been submitted and payment has been verified, you will receive the instructions for the placement test. The computer-based test will take place in the laboratories indicated in the following schedule. It involves assessing lexical-grammatical, listening, and reading comprehension skills. It will last 30 minutes and will be limited to the achievement of the levels A2, B1 and B2. Regarding level C1, the computer-based test will last between 2 and 3 hours. The written test will be followed by an oral test via Skype or WebEx with a language expert. 

l’idoneità nel test computerizzato per il livello richiesto, non sarà possibile accedere alla prova orale e non sarà emessa alcuna certificazione.

BE CAREFUL: Starting from January 2024, if you do not pass the computerized test for the required level, it will not be possible to access the oral test and no certification will be issued.

3 – ORAL TEST: the oral test will consist of a free conversation (topics: family, studies, free time, travel, etc.) of approximately 10-30 minutes depending on the chosen level, in which the expert will assess fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The result of the two tests (placement test and oral test) will determine the final level achieved. 

4 – CERTIFICATION: the University Language Centre will issue a badge (digital certificate) or a digitally signed certificate in the weeks following the oral test, attesting the level of proficiency required (or lower if the computer-based test or the oral test does not confirm the level). The relevant certification will not show the result for each of the four language skills. It will be up to the user to ensure that the certificate is valid for the purpose of which it is intended to be used.

Useful books - French

- Collane: Progressive e Pratique di CLE international, diversi libri utili. Esempi :

  • Boulares M., Frérot J. L., Grammaire progressive du français B1-B2 (avancé), CLE international. ISBN : 978-2-09-034928-3.
  • Racine R., Schenker J. C., Pratique vocabulaire B2, 640 exercices, avec règles. ISBN : 978-2-09-038996-8.

- Libri della collana Méthode de français Alter Ego+, casa editrice Hachette FLE. Go to the website

- Libri della casa editrice CIDEB. Go to the website

- Libri per la preparazione alla certificazione DELF (A1, A2, B1, B2), collana Destination DELF: Go to the website

- CIDEB/Agostini Scuola. Grammatica per gli Italofoni : Grammaire Savoir-faire e Grammathèque. 

- Libri della casa editrice Didier. Go to the website

- Le collane: Nouvelle génération, Édito e L’atelier.

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