Where to find us

Where to find us

Head office: University Language Centre Via G.T. Porcell, 09124 Cagliari (CA) 

The Language Centre has 6 multimedia laboratories:  

  • 58-seat Laboratory (Humanities, “Sa Duchessa”, via Is Mirrionis 1 Cagliari) 
  • Lab 28 (Humanities, “Sa Duchessa”, via Is Mirrionis 1 Cagliari) 
  • Monserrato Laboratory (Axis 4-2nd floor, University Campus of Monserrato S.S.554 Km 4,500) 
  • Engineering Laboratory (Faculty of Engineering, V.le Merello Cagliari) 
  • Aresu Lab A (Former Aresu Clinic Campus, via San Giorgio 12, Cagliari) 
  • Aresu Lab B (Former Aresu Clinic Campus, via San Giorgio 12, Cagliari) 

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