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Requests and contacts - Language Centre

Help Desk

Language Centre information desk 

Telephone: +39 0706757183


- General information/Institutional courses/Language skills assessment  

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- UNICA-CLA English language project (Online and face-to-face courses, certifications, tests and speaking sessions)      

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- Translation and Proofreading service 

   The request must be submitted filling in the part 1 of the form “CLA - APPLICATION FORM FOR TRANSLATION/ PROOFREADING” and sending it with the texts which need to be translated or proofread in PDF format to Professor Denti (CLA’s Director) and the Administration (; Please note that the request of quote is non-binding, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

- General management of institutional and commercial activities; Acquisition of goods and services

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Technical office

- Technical issues on the web portal and online platform assistance for courses/tests 

Please do not contact the technical office for questions about your situation (maximum number of attempts, continuation, etc.)

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- End-of-course certificates/Faculty tests 

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- Management of the online calendar – Teachers, Management of the online lessons – WebEx support 

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Questionnaire and social

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