NOP-R&I Scholarships

National Operational Programme on Research and Innovation 2014-2020

PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020

In respect of Axis I "Human Capital" - Action I.1 "Innovative Doctoral Programmes with Industrial Orientation", the National Operational Programme ESF-ERDF “Research and Innovation" 2014-2020, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, intends to support the promotion and enhancement of advanced training and post-lauream specialization at a doctoral level, in line with the needs of the national production system and the Smart Specialization 2014-2020 Strategy, approved by the European Commission. It includes the specific needs related to the strategy of manufactoring processing of Industry 4.0, and of training and skills in Big Data field, for those disciplinary areas with a special scientific and technological focus, or with a stronger importance compared to the needs of the labour market, in terms of high-qualified positions, in the territory of the Italian Regions whose development is lagging behind (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicilia) and of the Italian transition Regions (Abruzzo, Molise, Sardegna), thereby contributing to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In this context, the Italian Ministry promotes doctoral education initiatives characterized by a strong industrial orientation, involving enterprises carrying out industrial activities for the production of goods or services.

The Programme plans to finance 3-year doctoral scholarships to attend Ph.D. programmes under which Ph.D. students have to conclude a period of study and research in enterprises involved in industrial activities for the production of goods or services (by way of example, non-profit Organizations, Foundations, Associations, Corporate Bodies, non-economic Public Authorities and Social Enterprises are excluded) and a period abroad for study and research to qualify "industrially" each educational and research experience estimating a result either on the productive fabric of the territories involved in the Programme or in terms of job opportunities following the award of the doctoral degree.

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