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Europe is an idea, not a place (Bernard-Henri Lévy)

The University of Cagliari awards the Doctor Europaeus (DE) additional certification only in case the 4 conditions established by the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conferences, recognized by the European Universities Association (EUA), are present:

1. The PhD thesis defence will be accorded if at least two professors from two higher education institutions of two European countries, other than the one where the thesis is defended, have given their review of the manuscript;

2. At least one member of the jury should come from a higher education institution in another European country, other than the one, where the thesis is defended;

3. A part of the defence must take place in one of the official languages, other than the one(s) of the country, where the thesis is defended;

4. The thesis must partly have been prepared as a result of a research period of at least one trimester spent in another European Country.


How to be awarded the additional certification of DE?

In order to receive a DE additional certification, the PhD student should submit a specific application, together with a copy of a valid ID/passport, to the PhD and Professional Master Office by the first semester of the third year. A copy of the application should be sent to the Academic Board of the PhD programme. The application form can be downloaded below or on the webpage "Forms".

After the period abroad, the PhD student will have to send to the Office a certificate proving a stay of study and/or research activity related to the PhD thesis in another EU country for at least three months. The certificate confirming the period of stay can be sent by e-mail if attached to the original e-mail sending it.

The certificate of the stay must be on official letterhead of the hosting Institution, confirming the start and completion dates. As an alternative, monthly certificates can be accepted, as long as they confirm a minimum period of three months.

The Examination Committee proposes the award of the additional certification of DE together with the award of the PhD degree.

Once the defence report is sent, the Office in charge provides a certificate attesting the award of Doctor Europaeus.

For further information:

PhD and Professional Master's Office:

Monica Carta, e-mail:

Roberta Leu,  e-mail:

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