Pink Rooms

Stanza Rosa


Pink rooms offer a welcoming environment where new mothers can rest, breastfeed, or stay with their children between classes.

Equipment: changing table, relaxation chairs and furniture designed for children.

The service is totally free of charge and it is reserved to:

  • students in possession of UniCa Baby Card
  • pregnant women
  • UniCa’s administrative and teaching staff with children up to the age of 10.

The Pink Rooms are located in every university campus:

Polo Sa Duchessa – Corpo aggiunto building, ground floor

Educational Play Area by appointment

Pedagogical Coordinator Dr. Dalila Massidda 347 3904698

UniCa contact person Liliana Marras

Possibility of curricular and post-graduate traineeships, info:


Polo economico giuridico - Baffi building, first floor

Contact person Marco Pitzalis

Cittadella di Monserrato - Blocco I, ground floor

Contact person Giuseppe Manca e Barbara Tuveri


Polo Ingegneria - piazza d'Armi, first floor

Contact person Elsa Lusso

Questionnaire and social

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