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Study and/or research activity abroad

Any study and/or research activity abroad must be authorized by the Academic Board and communicated to the PhD and Professional Master Office (dottoratiemaster@unica.it).

PhD students must:


  - Request well in advance from the Academic Board the authorization to carry out study/research activities abroad (the official approval must be sent to the Office by the PhD Coordinator). The request should include the days of travel.

  - Within 10 days from the start of the study/research activity abroad, send their self-declaration, properly filled in, to dottoratiemaster@unica.it, using the sequence 'Surname Name_Name of the PhD Programme_Cycle' to name the file.

NB! Both PhD students with and without scholarship have to send their self-declaration according to the instructions above, either in case of remote working or actual stay at the hosting Institution.


  -  Communicate promptly any possible interruption or change in the period already planned and approved, by sending an e-mail to dottoratiemaster@unica.it;


 -  Send to dottoratiemaster@unica.it the certificate on letterhead of the hosting institution, attesting the complete study/research period spent there.
In case the certificate is electronic, forward the e-mail of the host Institution with the document attached.
In case you receive a paper certificate, scan and send it, explaining that it is a copy.


Choose one of the options between 'to be authorized by' (in case your activity abroad has already been authorized) or 'to have applied for authorization to' (in case you are waiting for the official approval);

Indicate the full name of the host Institution;

In the section "FROM ... TO...", indicate the duration of your period abroad, as authorized by the Academic Board of your PhD programme, including the days of travel;

Precise if you are going to carry out the study/research activity in person at the hosting Institution or remotely;

In the section "OF WHICH DAYS OF TRAVEL", indicate the number of days needed to reach your hosting institution and those needed to come back home (if quantifiable), not the whole amount of days spent abroad;

Your self-declaration must be signed by the Supervisor appointed by the Academic Board of your PhD programme, not by your hosting one.


The amount of the scholarship is increased by 50% for a period not exceeding 12 months, extendable up to 18 months in case of cotutelle agreements with foreign universities, and for those in an associated form with one or more of the subjects.

The increase cannot be received for stays spent in the country of origin or in the country of residence of the PhD students, except for dispensations granted by the Rector in relation to particular cases.

The increase on the scholarship will be paid exclusively in case of actual activities abroad, in monthly deferred instalments for the complete period, following verification of the Academic Board’s authorization. In case of discordance between the duration declared and the period indicated in the certification provided by the hosting institution, the University will get back the amounts wrongfully paid by deducting them from the first instalment to be paid when the PhD student comes back.
PhD students who intend to extend their period abroad have to repeat the procedure above, that is:
1) request well in advance the authorization to extend their period abroad;
2) within ten days from the conclusion of the activity previously authorized, send to dottoratiemaster@unica.it a new self-declaration on the additional period.

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