Spazio Ludico Educativo

  • The purpose of the Educational Play Area is to provide appropriate educational and recreational services for children, contributing to their growth and training, and to support the parental needs of students, administrative and teaching staff.


  • Provided at the former “Pink Room” of the sa Duchessa campus, the service allows to entrust children aged between 12 months to 10 years to specialised staff during class hours.


  • The Space can accommodate up to eight children, and it is equipped with a changing table, games, furniture for children and spaces for resting.
Spazio Bambino Ludoteca


A structured educational project will meet the needs and curiosity of the children who attend the Educational Play Area.

The activities will focus both on free and spontaneous play and structured play.

The service is run by a professional pedagogical coordinator and UniCa trainees.

La Spazio Ludico Educativo

Curricular and postgraduate traineeships

The university is committed to providing a quality service in response to the needs and rights of students, and by extension, their children, as part of an integrated public system.

In order to do this, an integral part of the Spazio Ludico Educativo project is the placement of trainees who will have the opportunity to have a highly professional training experience. The trainees become an active part of the educational service: under the supervision of the pedagogical coordinator in charge, they propose specific educational projects for three age groups (12 months/4 years - 5/8 years - 9/10 years). The projects will be supervised by the tutor(s) responsible for the placement together with the pedagogical coordinator.

Compatible degree courses:

  • L 30/40 Education and Training Sciences;
  • LM 85 Educational Sciences;
  • LM 50 Educational Services Management Programming (Educational Processes Pedagogical Sciences)

For further information write to or contact Dr Dalila Massidda on 3473904698 

La progettualità educativa accompagnerà le esigenze, le risorse e le curiosità dei bambini e delle bambine

Opening hours and bookings

The service is guaranteed from Monday to Friday in fixed time slots, by booking through the online platform Stanza Rosa - Login (, in case of different needs call 3473904698

Orari e Prenotazioni

Il servizio è garantito dal lunedì al venerdì in fasce orarie predefinite aggiornate mensilmente, su prenotazione attraverso la piattaforma online Stanza Rosa - Accedi ( salvo esigenze diverse preventivamente comunicate al numero 3473904698




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