Evaluation Sessions

UNICA-CLA evaluation sessions

Please find below the calendar of UNICA-CLA evaluation sessions available until January 2024 for CEFR levels A2, B1, B2. 
The evaluation consists in a computer-based test for the lexical-grammatical, listening, and reading comprehension skills assessment, followed by an oral test with one of our language experts upon successful completion. 
Sessions are accessible to UNICA-CLA English Language Project students, enrolled in the academic year 2019-2020 and following, only after having taken the placement test.  
Interested students can sign up for a session following the link to the CLA Moodle’s page received by email on the registration opening day.  
For further information, please see thel UNICA-CLA English language project Vademecum (pp.14-15).

Session Computer-based test booking Computer-based test Dates Oral test booking Start of the oral sessions
VER5 - ottobre 2023 From 2/10 to 09/10/2023 From 16 to 20/10/2023 From 3 to 7/11/2023 13/11/2023
VER6 - december 2023 From 13/11 to 20/11/2023 From 11/12/2023 From 12 to 16/01/2024 22/01/2024
VER1 - february 2024 From 12/02 to 19/02/2024 From 26/02/2024 From 08 to 12/03/2024 19/03/2024
VER2 - april 2024 From 08/04 to 15/04/2024 From 22/04/2024 From 10 to 14/05/2024 20/05/2024
VER3 - june 2024 From 27/05 to 03/06/2024 From 10/06/2024 From 28/06 to
VER4 - july 2024 From 8 to
From 22/07/2024 From 06 to
VER5 - october 2024 From 07 to
From 21/10/2024 From 08 to
VER6 - december 2024 From 02 to
From 16/12/2024 From 10 to

The final date of each oral session and the number of available days will be defined each time depending on the number of students enrolled.   
On the registration opening day, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to fill in the online form with all the details and useful information.  

All communications will be primarily sent via email to your university email address (domain: @studenti.unica.it). 
If you fail the oral test, you can take it again at the subsequent date without repeating the computer-based test.  



FAQ about the Evaluation sessions

UNICA-CLA evaluation sessions will take place every two months, according to a calendar which will be published and updated on the CLA’s website. 

No, it is not required. Only condition for the B1 and B2 evaluation sessions: not being enrolled in a B1 Course in support of the tutor and in a B2 Course underway, or in any other courses organised by the University of Cagliari Language Centre.  

Students who pass the computer-based test, but fail the oral one, can attend the next session (if they want to and on request), in order to take only the oral test once again.  

Otherwise, they will have to take the entire exam (computer-based test + oral test).  

We invite you to register for the test only if you are confident of your skills, given that there is a maximum limit of three sessions.  
Otherwise, we recommend you wait for the start of the Course. Students who decide to attend the exam session, failing it, can register for the Course. But that exam session will be considered as one the three possible sessions for that level.   

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