Self-Assessment Committee

This Self-Assessment Committee fulfils the functions of the Commission for Quality Assurance and Management as envisaged from the ANVUR-AVA documents dated January 2013:

  • Proposing the Quality Assurance organization, functions, roles and timetable for the Degree Programme;
  • Verifying that conditions are met for the regular accreditation of the Degree Programme;
  • Evaluating actions designed to improve the management of the Degree Programme;
  • Carrying out in-depth analysis of the consistency of the Degree Programme objectives and overall set up;
  • Monitoring student data;
  • Proposing improvements;
  • Issuing the Cyclical Review Report;
  • Issuing the Yearly Monitoring Schedule.
Coordinatore del Cds

Moro Alessio
Phone: 070/675-3313

Referente per la qualità del CdS

Cerina Fabio
Phone: 070/675-3422

Addessi William
Phone: +39 070 675 3801

Merella Vincenzo
Phone: 070/675-3313

Manager didattico

Pintus Valeria
Phone: +39 070 675 6517

Supporto ai Manager didattici per i Corsi di Studio

Mura Silvia
Phone: +39 070 675 6904

Demurtas Gino
Phone: +39 070 6753074

Rappresentante degli studenti

Questionnaire and social

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