Compulsory Work Placements

Work Placements are practical/professional activities aimed at obtaining university credits required for postgraduate degrees as set out in the study plan. Their prime objective is to promote closer links between university and employment, as well as achieving the following:

integrating university learning with practical activities in a working environment, thus providing students with the opportunity to develop the skills uniquely linked with direct experience on the field;

sharing the Degree Programme knowledge with the enterprise/public body.

For further information on internships, please consult the Internship Procedure available on the website of the Internship Office of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Political Sciences. It is advisable to plan your internship in good time by going to the appropriate office at least two months before the scheduled period.

For all information on internships abroad and the Erasmus programme, please refer to the International Mobility Desk.

International Mobility Desk

Extra-curricular internships

The University of Cagliari organises internships and work placements for recent graduates who have been awarded their degrees no more than twelve months before.

Questionnaire and social

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