A Double Degree is awarded when students complete a Degree Programme whose curriculum has been jointly designed by two Universities and regulated by a specific agreement. Double Degree students will alternate attendance between the two Universities, within set parameters of course content and duration, and will be awarded both degrees after their final exams, which can also be held jointly.

The Economics, Finance and Public Policy Degree Programme activated a Double Degree with the Université de Rennes 1 (France)

The agreement enables students to spend part of their course time at a French university, attending a Master Mention Èconomieet Management Publics (International Master in Public Policy) with a view to obtaining an educational title that is recognized both in Italy and France. This option is reserved to a maximum of 4 students enrolled in the second year of the Postgraduate Degree in Economics, Finance & Public Policy (major in Economics & Public Policy) who have completed all Y1 courses in the Economics & Public Policy specialization, except for the elective module.

The selection for admission takes place during the second semester of the first year, with a special Commission consisting of the Co-ordinator and two lecturers from the Degree Programme. Up to 100 pointscan be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • number of credits earned in the first semester
  • weighted grade average;
  • language certifications;
  • motivational interview.

On the basis of the above criteria, the Commission will draw up a ranking of successful candidates. The first 4 in this ranking are admitted to the Double Degree, provided they meet the above requirements by 31 July of the first academic year. If this is not the case, the Commission will follow the order of eligibility established in the ranking list.

Studentswho wish to applyfor the above selection, should send an e-mail from their university addresses, containing the following:

  • Surname and first name, student number, year of enrolment in the Economics & Finance Degree Programme and Tax Code;
  • Subject of the email: Application for selection to the EFPP Double Degree programme;
  • Statement of the number of CFU credits acquired and weighted average of the grades;
  • Any language certifications held (attached to the application).

All students enrolled in the first year of the degree programme are invitedby email to submit an application, while at the same time a NOTICE is posted on the website of the degree programme. The application must be sent to the Student Office of the "Economics" Programme at segrstudeconomia@unica.it and CC’d to Degree Programme Coordinator.

For further details on the selection procedures and deadlines, please refer to "Procedures for the selection of Double Degree candidates".

Double Degree selection notices and results are published in this section.

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