Disability and D.S.A. Tutor

The University offers counselling, reception, intermediation and integration services for students with disabilities and specific learning disorders (D.S.A.) through the activities of the S.I.A. (Services for Inclusion and Learning), in order to guarantee their right to study during their university career.


Economics, Law and Political Science

Viale Sant'Ignazio, 13, Cagliari

Department of Life Sciences

Room n.5, Botany Section

Email: tutor.sia@unica.it

Office Hours

Office hours and further contact details of the S.I.A. (Services for Inclusion and Learning) staff can be found at the following link https://people.unica.it/disabilita/i-nostri-uffici/


Loi Luciana
Phone: +39 070 675 3541
Email: tutor.sia@unica.it

Questionnaire and social

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