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Horizon Europe: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions - online information event

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12 marzo 2021
Presentazione in lingua inglese del programma MSCA in Horizon Europe


Martedì 23 marzo p.v. (9:00 - 12:30 CET, Brussels time) si svolgerà l'evento di presentazione "Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions under Horizon Europe", in lingua inglese e sarà in webstreamed live. Non è richiesta nessuna registrazione.

Di seguito un breve abstract:

This event aims to present the MSCA programme under Horizon Europe and to encourage organisations and researchers to apply. As you know, the MSCA will be simplified to make it easier to understand, implement and to apply for funding. Participants will learn about the changes to the programme and hear from beneficiaries, project managers and fellows about their experiences.

The information session is open to researchers, higher education institutions, research institutes, research funding agencies and any other organisations currently involved in the MSCA or interested in applying to future funding calls for the first time. Private sector organisations and other socio-economic actors are also encouraged to use the event to become acquainted with the opportunities the MSCA provide for intersectoral cooperation.

Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili al seguente link https://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/events/msca-under-horizon-europe-information-event_en


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