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1974 Degree cum laude, Pedagogy, University of Cagliari.  1984-2005 Researcher of Pedagogy, Faculty of Education – University of Cagliari.  2005-present Associate Professor for SSD M-PED/02 (History of Pedagogy) – Faculty of Formation Sciences – University of Cagliari. Spent numerous periods of study in the Libraries of the Universities of Geneva and Reading, in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, the British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, as well as in the most important Italian libraries.  Starting in the Academic Year 1991-92, obtained the teaching position of official Professor of Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy. Is a member of the Italian Centre for Historical-Educational Research (CIRSE). His scientific activity, focused in an initial phase on examining the possibility of constructing an internally-problematic theory of education open to contributions from various disciplines led him to deal with the study curriculum, understood as a functional aspect of the theory of education and as a salient moment in the organisation of learning. Starting from this base, his interest moved towards historical-comparative subjects, in particular those inherent in the theories and practice of the curriculum, keeping the historical perspective in mind. In subsequent years, his interest settled on the historical-pedagogical aspect.  His publications are centred on themes like the relationship between human nature and educability, the pedagogy of positivism, historical and technical aspects of the debate on the study curriculum, the origin and nature of the national educational system and historical-pedagogical aspects of scholastic and professional orientation.

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