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Elisabetta Gola is Full Professor of Philosophy of Language at the University of Cagliari, where she teaches different courses among which Theory of Language and Communication.

Her research interests include cognitive semantics and natural language processing, with a focus on metaphors and other non-literal usages of language in all the mental processes that are involved in communication and comprehension. She participated to national and international projects and events on the topics of cognitive semantics and natural language processing, and she published several papers and books, among which the book Metafora e mente meccanica (Metaphor and the mechanical mind).

She is head of the e-learning degree program in Communication Sciences, where she alternates the teaching activity to the production of multimedia e-learning courses.

She is referent for the University of Cagliari in the Communication work group.

She is coordinator of a reaserch unit of the project “Argomentazione e Metafora. Effetti della comunicazione persuasiva nel territorio sardo”, granted by Sardinian Region (RAS), L.R. n. 7/2007, call 2013.



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