Neuroscience and Anthropology

Neuroscience and Anthropology

The Neuroscience and Anthropology section has developed several lines of research aimed at the study of: i) the effect of stress on the development and different phases of life on neuronal plasticity, on neuroendocrine patterns, on the sensitivity of the IIS axis and on the emotional behaviour in adult rats; ii) the role of neurosteroids in the development of synaptic circuits and in the action of abuse drugs; iii) long-term synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus of rats exposed to alcohol and food restriction; iv) stimulation of vagus and trigeminal nerves in drug-resistant epilepsies and mechanisms of neuronal plasticity; v) mechanism of action of abuse substances and research of compounds for the prevention and treatment of addictions.
Other research lines carried out at the Neuroscience and Anthropology Section include: i) the study of the micro-evolutionary history of human (Sardinian) populations, through molecular and skeletal anthropology techniques; ii) the study of the genetic and phenotypic variability of current populations in relation to the life cycle, lifestyle, diseases and the environment.

The Neuroscience and Anthropology section

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