Laboratorio, stanza 26

The Laboratory of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy is aimed at studying, in a controlled environment, human behavior and its psychological and environmental dimensions. Behaviors under study can be observed in vivo or video-recorded in digital format. The Laboratory is a space available to teachers, to their collaborators and to students, for carrying out institutional research activities. It is also available to external bodies authorized by the Faculty of Humanities.

Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy,
building B, rooms n. 2, 25, 26,
location Sa Duchessa, 1 via Is Mirrionis, Cagliari 09123

Access mode
Accessible to teachers, students and external entities as part of specific programs, to be defined according to methods established by a specific Regulation and according to calendars, listed at the bottom of this page

Opening time
Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. Saturday from 9am to 1pm


  • Room no. 2: a multifunctional environment that can be adapted to the purposes of different types of studies.
  • Rooms no. 25 and 26: adjacent, with independent entrance and separated by a one-way mirror, one of which is dedicated to observation of behavior and one is for researchers. The observation room hosts research participants and is a multipurpose space, with easily dismountable and removable furnishings, in which is possible to structure functional arrangements from time to time, for carrying out the ongoing research. It is equipped with two cameras that can be activated and controlled via a station, located in the researchers' room. From this, through the one-way mirror separating the two environments, it is possible to observe activities taking place in the observation room. The station also allows acquisition and subsequent processing of audiovisual material.
  • System for wireless access to the Internet, which can be used for conducting online studies.
  • Behavior analysis software, including i-Motion, E-prime, Inquisit and Interact.
Laboratorio, stanze 25 e 26
  • Stanza n. 2: un ambiente polifunzionale che può essere adattato alle finalità di diversi tipi di studio.
  • Sistema per l'accesso wireless a Internet, che può essere utilizzato per lo svolgimento di studi on-line.
Laboratorio, stanza 2
  • Software per l’analisi del comportamento, tra cui i-Motion, E-prime, Inquisit e Interact.
Laboratorio, software per eye tracking

Contacts for informations and reservations
Prof.ssa Roberta Fadda (e-mail, tel. 070 675 7502)
Prof. Ferdinando Fornara (e-mail, tel. 070 675 7516)
Dott.ssa Daniela Fadda (e-mail, tel. 070 375 3798)

Laboratorio, software per l'analisi


LABORATORY 1 reservations calendar (equipped with a one-way mirror)

LABORATORY 2 reservations calendar (multipurpose environment)

calendario prenotazioni laboratorio

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