Self-Assessment Commission

The Departmental Self-Evaluation Commission (CAV-Dip) is responsible for monitoring teaching, research, third mission activities and transversal, quality assurance and organizational strategies (Resolution of the Academic Senate n° 32/17 S of 28th March 2017) .

The CAV-Dip uses the IRIS platform and its own internal analysis system, aimed at completing the information that cannot be directly extrapolated from the IRIS database (e.g. missions abroad, invited Visiting Professors, etc.).

During Prof. Lucarelli's second mandate, the CAV-Dip was established as follows (by the Department Council (CdD) of 19th Nov. 2021, minutes no. 152):

  • Prof. Loredana Lucarelli (Director of the Department),
  • Prof. Roberta Fadda (Deputy director of the Department),
  • Prof. Mirian Agus (Professor of the Department and Contact person for Quality of the Department),
  • Prof. Gabriella Baptist (Teacher of the Department),
  • Prof. Angela Taraborrelli (Teacher of the Department),
  • Prof. Laura Vismara (Teacher of the Department),
  • Rag. Sandro Deiana (Administrative Secretary),
  • Dr. Francesca Picci (Delegate of the Administrative Secretary),
  • Dr. Cristiana Melis (Delegate of the Administrative Secretary),
  • Dr. Federica Casula (Representative of doctoral students, postgraduates or research fellows).

During the CdD meeting of 25th Jan. 2022 (Minutes no. 154) the CAV-Dip was integrated by three fixed-term researchers with scientific qualifications, belonging to the three cultural areas of the Department:

  • Dr. Andrea Marrone,
  • Dr. Pietro Maria Salis,
  • Dr. Cristina Sechi.

During the CdD meeting of 14th July 2023 (minutes no. 174) the CAV-Dip was integrated by:

  • Prof. Maria Chiara Fastame,
  • Prof. Luca Vargiu,
  • Dr. Marta Pellegrini.

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