The Committee of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy is a collegial body which

  • collaborates with the Director in carrying out his functions;
  • carries out investigative activities on all matters within the competence of the Council;
  • exercises all functions expressly delegated to it by the Council;
  • exercises any other function assigned by the Department Regulations;
  • consists of:
    • the Department Director, who convenes and chairs it, as well as the Department Deputy director;
    • a certain number of teachers, established by the Department Regulations upon proposal of the Director, which automatically includes the course, class or interclass Coordinators;
    • at least one representative elected by the holders of research grants and by those enrolled in doctoral courses and specialization schools;
    • a representative elected by the technical-administrative staff assigned to the Department.

Current composition of the Board:
(approved by the Council on 21st July 2021)

  1. Baptist Gabriella
  2. Busacchi Vinicio
  3. Cabras Cristina
  4. Deiana Sandro (administrative secretary with the function of minute-taking secretary)
  5. Fadda Roberta
  6. Freytes Hector Carlos
  7. Throat Elizabeth
  8. Guicciardi Marco
  9. Lucarelli Loredana
  10. Moi Andrea (representative elected by research grant holders and by those enrolled in doctoral courses and specialization schools)
  11. Paoli Francesco
  12. Sechi Gianluca (technical and administrative staff representative)
  13. Sergioli Giuseppe
  14. Storari Gian Pietro
  15. Vivanet Giuliano
  16. Zedda Michele.

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