Compulsory Work Placements

Work Placements are one of the ways students may acquire elective credits.

Please note that Work Placements can only be validated if the set procedure is followed, submitting the application before the start of the placement. Under no circumstance, the University will validate work placements that have already taken place and have not been agreed upon in advance.

The teacher responsible is Prof. Margherita Sabrina Perra.

Validating credits from work

The Degree Programme validates CFU credits for working students, as long as their job is aligned with the educational objectives of the Degree Board.

Employment/work should continue during the period of attendance of the Degree Programme.

In order to obtain the CFU credits (the number may vary, depending on how strongly the outside work relates to the learning objectives), students need to submit an application to the Student Office for validation of extra-university activities. This must feature a certificate on letter-headed paper from the employer (the head of the Organisational Unit in the case of a public sector job), indicating the detailed tasks carried out, the starting and ending date (if applicable) and the average daily hour commitment.

TeTi Project - Thesis and Training

The TeTi project aims to establish a link between the training and internship experience by combining them in a final dissertation project (thesis) that is inspired by and feeds into the internship training experience. In order to achieve this objective, students are invited to choose a supervisor to help them plan their thesis in accordance with the internship experience in progress, thus seizing an opportunity to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during theDegree Programme.

The TeTi thesis may, at the discretion of the committee, result in a bonus point added to the degree grade. Students should make sure they notified the Student Office and the Course Coordinator at the start of the thesis work.

For further information, please visit the Internship Office webpage at the following link:

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