UniCa Management Course Double Degree

Double Degree

A Double Degree is awarded when students complete a Degree Programme whose curriculum has been jointly designed by two Universities and regulated by a specific agreement. Double Degree students will alternate attendance between the two Universities, within set parameters of course content and duration, and will be awarded both degrees after their final exams, which can also be held jointly.

The Management Master Degree Programme activated a Double Degree with the Czech University of Life Sciences of Prague (CZECH Republic) and a Double Degree with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences of Bielefeld (Germany).

The agreements are available for the International Management Degree Programme, with all teachings taking place at the University of Cagliari in the first year and in Prague or Bielefeld in the second year.

All information on the Double Degree can be found in the Bilateral Agreement, in the Learning Plan and the Regulations published below.

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