UniCa Management Organization Tutor (Lectures)

Tutor (Lectures)

The Degree Programme facilitates the orientation of students at various stages of their studies through its ad hoc structures.

The following staff are in charge of guidance activities:

The General Tutor, who is available to respond to the overall needs of Economics & Business Management students;

The Internship Tutor, who deals with all internship-related issues to enable students to carry out their work placement to the best of their ability. S/he assesses the adequacy of training objectives when students choose and organize their own placements;

The Subject Area Tutor, who provides students with specific support directly related to their individual field of study;

The Special Needs Tutor, who deals with issues raised by working students, students with children, students with Special Needs, Learning disabilities, mental and physical disabilities of various kinds etc., and directs them towards the relevant services within the University;

The Lecturer in charge of Orientation, who organises orientation initiatives tutor together with the student in charge of orientation.

Tutor generale del corso

Cincotti Cristiano
Phone: 070/675-3329 - Fax: 070/675-3377
Email: ccincotti@unica.it

Tutores di indirizzo International Management

Melis Andrea
Phone: 070/675-3302
Email: melisa@unica.it

Tutores di Indirizzo Direzione e Creazione di Impresa (ex Direzione d'impresa)

Cabiddu Francesca
Phone: 070/675-3382
Email: fcabiddu@unica.it

Floris Michela
Phone: 070/675-6642
Email: micfloris@unica.it

Tutor per l’orientamento

Loi Michela
Phone: 070/675-3374
Email: michela.loi@unica.it

Tutor di indirizzo Amministrazione e Controllo e Indirizzo Professionale

Reginato Elisabetta
Phone: 070/675-3357 - Fax: 070/675-3377
Email: reginato@unica.it

Tutor per studenti con particolari esigenze

Pelligra Vittorio
Phone: 070/675-3376
Email: pelligra@unica.it

Tutor tirocini

Roberto Gianluigi
Phone: 070/675-3336
Email: groberto@unica.it

Questionnaire and social

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