The Degree Programme promotes an on-going relationship between students, lecturers and the local community. A compulsory period of internship - in companies, public or private organisations or with professionals whose trade is regulated by a Trade Body - offers the opportunity to acquire the right skillset, to alternate study and work experience, and to facilitate access to the job market.

Direct experience in the field allows practical usage of the knowledge acquired in the curricular activities and aims to complement these by developing planning ability and relational skills.

Up to 9 CFU credits are allocated to internships and work placement for the Management & Business Start-up, and the Administration & Control specializations,while International Management students can earn up to 15 CFU.

Students may choose one of the recommended placements or propose to activate their own internship project. It will be the task of the Degree Board to assess the proposal and its consistency with the Programme, outline the required tasks and activities and appoint an internal tutor to initiate a new agreement.

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