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The Master’s Degree in Management aims at transmitting advanced knowledge of the primary corporate functional areas (management audit, corporate finance, strategic management, marketing, and organisation); giving an integrated view of accounting, financial statements, corporate finance, planning and management audit; providing administrative expertise and fostering successful communication with people in charge of corporate functional areas, financial markets, financial and tax law experts; developing an integrated view of issues related to strategic and operational management of global firms, taking into account the international and multicultural features; providing skills and tools necessary to work as a practitioner and business advisor; providing knowledge and skills necessary to create, organise, and run new businesses.

International Management: Access requirements

A bachelor’s degree in another equivalent academic qualification achieved overseas is required. Applicants must have earned this qualification in Business Administration, Economics, or Management. Alternatively, applicants must have acquired at least:

  • 27 ECTS in Business administration, Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Management or Organization Studies scientific sectors;
  • 15 ECTS in Economic Statistics or Statistics, Mathematical methods of Economy, Finance and actuarial sciences or Operational Research (Mathematics) scientific sectors.
  • 18 ECTS in Business Law, Economics Law, European Union Law, Private Law, Navigation and Air Law, Public law or Tax law scientific sectors.

Students must have a B2 English language certification.

For inquiries about the classes or exams schedule and catalogue of courses programs taught in English, please contact Mrs Daniela Poddesu:

E-mail: erasmus.segp@unica.it

Phone: +39 070 675 6623

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