The MSc Course in Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development (Corso di Studi in Ingegneria Ambientale per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile) has successfully activated a Double Degree agreement with Cracow University of Technology (Politechnika Krakowska). This bilateral agreement allows the students who participate to obtain, at the end of the study period, a Master’s degree both from UNICA and PK.

The Double Degree Programme is dedicated to the students enrolled in the “Environmental remediation technologies” curriculum of our MSc Programme.

International curriculum

The Double Degree agreement offers students the opportunity to spend the second year (3rd and 4th semesters) of the Master’s programme at Cracow University of Technology, where they will attend the following courses:

3rd Semester (October – January)

Courses Hours ECTS
Solid Waste Management (including Sewage Sludge) 60 6
Water and Wastewater treatment 90 9
Energy efficient buildings and indoor air quality 60 6
Water supply and Sewerage 60 6
Polish language and culture course 30 3
                                                                                                         total 300 30


4th Semester (February – June)

Courses Hours ECTS
Soil-structure Interactions 50 5
Air protection 50 5
Diploma work (Master’s thesis preparation and writing)   20
                                                                                                          total 100 30

Students have the opportunity to prepare their diploma dissertation under the supervision of a professor either from PK or UNICA, or under the co-supervision of two professors, one from PK and one from UNICA. The diploma dissertation is presented and defended by the students at one or both partner universities. If the dissertation is defended at the partner institution, a professor from the student’s home university is invited as a member of the examination board.

Admission process

The admission process for the Double Degree programme occurs during the first semester, when students are already enrolled in the first year of Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development Master’s programme. A maximum of 5 students of PK and of UNICA will be selected.

Canditates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • analysis of the Bachelor (1st level, final grade, duration, affinity) and Master career;
  • written motivation;
  • certified English language level;
  • interview in English.

Students qualified for the study programme at both partner universities have to prove language competencies in English at least at B2 level, before departure.

The students selected for the Double Degree programme will be enrolled at the home university and at the partner university but they will pay tuition fees at the home university alone.

Application and Selection Timelines (AY 2024/2025)

Double Degree Application is now open. Deadline to apply is March 20th.

Students interested in applying for the Double Degree programme must fill in the following Application Form and submit it within the deadline to the Erasmus Helpdesk Office (Ms Emanuela Rubiu, of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

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