Forms and Procedures for Completing the Study Plan

Completion of the Study Plan

Each student must submit the individual study plan to indicate which teaching activities have been chosen in the case of optional courses and the elective activities proposed to complete the study plan. If some electives have not yet been evaluated by the Degree Program Board, it is also necessary to attach a detailed description of the activities.

The study plan completion form must be sent in PDF format, duly signed, to the course coordinator at any time of the year. The form must be submitted at least two months in advance of the graduation session to which the student intends to apply.

Changes to the official study plan

Each student is also allowed to present an individual study plan that includes changes to the official study plan. The study plan must, in any case, respect the didactic framework. Usually, this procedure is followed in particular cases, such as the request for a career shortening or the attendance of a period of study abroad under the Erasmus+ program or other similar initiatives.

The deadlines for submitting an individual study plan are set for 20 October and 20 March.

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