Conoscenza lingua straniera

Foreign Language Proficiency Test

The students of IADA, to earn the 6 ECTS credits for "Language Skills – B2," scheduled in the 1st year of the course, must take an English language proficiency test. This test aims to verify, with reference to standard knowledge levels, the possession of the minimum necessary competencies (level B2 of the European classification) for consulting and studying scientific texts.

The credits related to the English language test can be acquired in the following ways:

  • By presenting an appropriate certification that attests to the knowledge of the English language issued by accredited schools/entities: Cambridge ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL, TRINITY ISE, PEARSON (PTE Academic);


  • By passing a test at the University Language Center (CLA) according to the procedures established by the UNICLA project.

UNICA Online Courses

The University Language Center (CLA) offers students an online course to strengthen their English language skills: go to the dedicated page

There are also some basic online courses for foreign languages, accessible to all students:, after registering on the platform.

Useful Links for Self-Learning

There is a Facebook group that can offer tips and help (the only rule is to write in English). It's called English Language for Economics and Languages. The CLA's Facebook group can also be useful.

Below is a collection of websites to support learning the English language.

Links to websites for english language study & practice (various levels)

‘BBC Learning English’: General and Business English; Grammar, Vocabulary  and Pronunciation; Talking Sport; and a bizarre but interesting range of topics (e.g., ‘health risks in married cousins’ and ‘genetically modified cows’).

Study abroad: tips for ESL Students

Questionnaire and social

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