The Degree Course in Applied Informatics and Data Analytics (IADA) aims to train graduates with basic knowledge in the mathematical and physical fields and a solid methodological and applied preparation in the field of informatics, with particular attention to the technologies and methodologies related to data analytics and techniques related to artificial intelligence and the engineering of its models that allow direct access to the job market. Special attention will be paid to the methods and models of statistical data analysis in the economic-business field, and to the applications of data analytics in the sectors of pattern recognition and computer security. The study program is structured in such a way as to provide students with the fundamentals of business economics, management, and economics applied in order to train professionals capable of operating in different business contexts. Admission to the Degree Course is numerus clausus at the local level, the number will be defined annually and indicated in the University's Manifesto. The teachings of the Degree Course include learning methods based on both individual study and practical 

implementation through laboratory activities, individual and group. Learning the techniques of data analytics cannot be separated from the performance of practical activities, in which students can engage with the formulation of the problem in quantitative terms, with the optimal choice of algorithms, with the verification on real or simulated data of the comparative effectiveness of various possible approaches.

...No, I am not an AI. My code name is Project 2501. I am a form of life that has aggregated and was born in the ocean of information.

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