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Other learning activities

All activities listed on this page award Elective Credits to students of the Degree Programme.

For each activity, we provide a schedule with contact details of the organizing lecturer, timetable, registration instructions, and information on the final test and any other organizational matter.

The schedule also specifies any admission requirement that may apply, such as successful completion of a given module, or knowledge of the English language, or enrolment in a postgraduate Degree Programme. Please refer to this section of the schedule before registering for the activity.

Instructions for Students

Students who wish to apply for one of the activities listed below should follow the instructions provided for registration, sign their attendance records, complete any required final test (e.g., a final report) and wait for the organizing lecturer to record their CFU credits immediately after the end of the activity.

If the students’ online records do not display these CFU credits after 30 days, students should report this to the person in charge of Elective Credits within the Department.

Instructions for Lecturers

In order to ensure these activities are correctly displayed in this space, lecturers should login with the same details used for One Drive, finalise and send the schedule for the Elective-Credit-awarding activity.

Once the activity and its final test are completed, they should also fill in and sign a request to record the CFU credits, providing a list of the participating students to the person in charge of Elective Credits within the Department, who then signs it and forwards it to the Student Office.

Please refer to the Regulations of the Political and Social Science Department for further information on awarding credits for miscellaneous learning activities not based on formal exams.

31 March 2022

ARCHIVIO FINO AL 31/03/2022 - Attività attributive di crediti liberi nei Corsi di Studio del Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

In questa pagina sono è contenuto l'archivio delle attività attributive di crediti liberi organizzate presso i Corsi di Laurea del Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali fino al primo semestre dell'a.a. 2021/2022. Per visionare le attività correnti occorre andare nel menù "didattica" del proprio corso di studio e da là nella pagina "Altre attività formative" .

Questionnaire and social

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