According to the general objectives of the Master’s Course in International Relations (Governance and Global System), the program aims to provide students an advanced competence in spatial and conceptual frameworks, besides a historical, political, juridical, and economic dimension of the Global System, which is the system of institutions and of social, political, economic, and cultural structures that characterizes the international life in the globalized era, and that every country deal with. The Course has been programmed to match the needs of the contemporary assets of international relations, to raise experts in international affairs and suitable candidate for careers in international institutions, diplomacy, and in governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Il corso di studi in breve

Master’s Course in International Relations grants students an in-depth study programme of the complex issues that define the international dimension of modern societies. The course is empowered with the required instruments for exploring the chosen subjects, according to individual attitudes and professional expectations.

Specific objectives of the Course are

  1. Enhancing knowledge and understanding and foster their application in new areas or in different context (Dublin Descriptors I and II);
  2. Helping students in improving their autonomy in decision making in complex situations while assessing all the elements, including social and ethical factors (Dublin Descriptors III);
  3. Improving communicative skills and study proficiency to foster lifelong learning (Dublin Descriptors IV and V).

Sbocchi occupazionali

The Course aims at raising students able to analytically assess the dynamics that take place in the global system in a long-term perspective. Aims achievements is supported by the interdisciplinary basis of the course, realized with help of Visiting Professors and by providing courses in English, organizing workshops and seminars, supporting Erasmus and Globus programs. Apprenticeships will be available in the Italian Office of Foreign Affairs, in governmental and non-governmental organizations, development aid offices, and research centres. Informatics and telematics skills will be improved through multimedia laboratories.

Questionnaire and social

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