Final examination

The final examination tests whether and to what extent the students have achieved the goals set by the Course. The Degree Committee assesses the candidate, taking into consideration the final exam, and other elements, as the educational path and its length, by applying specific rules established autonomously by the University (or). To be admitted to the final examination students need to having gained all the Credits required by the curriculum. The final examination will consist of writing, also in foreign language, and defending the dissertation, a focused on an analysis of a case study, a project activity, or a research on a topic chosen among those in the curriculum.

The dissertation must show methodological rigour, mastering of the addressed issue, degree of distinction. It must show student’s capacity of independent understanding, solution of the problem at issue and high level of communication.

The Degree Committee has at its disposal 7 point, 6 of which to mark the dissertation’s quality, 1 as award for the student’s curriculum. Candidate can be awarded with Honours, after unanimous approval of the Committee, which considers candidate’s curriculum. Defending of the dissertation, evaluation and bestowing of the Degree are public.

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