A Double Degree is awarded when students complete a Degree Programme whose curriculum has been jointly designed by two Universities and regulated by a specific agreement. Double Degree students will alternate attendance between the two Universities, within set parameters of course content and duration, and will be awarded both degrees after their final exams, which can also be held jointly.

The Sustainable Tourism Management and Monitoriong Postgraduated Degree Programme activated a Double Degree with Belarus State Economic Univeristy, Minsk (Bielorussia).

The agreement enables students to spend the second semester of their first year at a foreign university, attending the Master in Economics – specializing in Economics and Management of Tourist Destinations, with a view to obtaining an educational title that is recognised in both Italy and Belarus. This option is activated for a set number of students from the two universities (maximum 10 students, 5 from each University).

All information on the Double Degree can be found in the Bilateral Agreement, in the Learning Plan and the Regulations published below.

Please note that due to the current international situation, this agreement is suspended until further notice.

A maximum number of 5 students, regularly enrolled in the first year of the Postgraduate Degree in Management and Monitoring of Sustainable Tourism, are admitted to the Double Degree Programme, provided they their English proficiency is at least at B2 level at the time of departure.

The selection for admission takes place by the end of November of the first year, with a special Commission composed of the Co-ordinator of the Degree Programme and the Access Committee, supplemented by the lecturers who teach the courses in the first semester of the first year. Up to 70 points can be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Academic merit, calculated considering the final mark obtained in the undergraduate degree (if more than one undergraduate degree is available, the higher mark will be used): max 30 points;
  • Language skills: max 10 points (beyond B2 level for the English language);
  • Assessment of the candidate's motivational letter: max 15 points;
  • Mark obtained at the Master's degree admission test: max 15 points.

The Commission draws up a list of suitable candidates and the first 5 in this ranking are admitted to the Double Degree, provided they meet the language requirement by February of the first year of enrolment. If this is not the case, the next person in the ranking established by the Commission is admitted.

Please note that the Double Degree is suspended until further notice.

Double Degree selection notices and results are published in this section.

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