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A Modular BLE-Based Body Area Network Embedded into a Smart Garment for Rescuers Real-Time Monitoring in Emergency Scenarios 1-Jan-2023 Sedda, Giulia; Baldazzi, Giulia; Spanu, Salvatore; Mascia, Antonello; Spanu, Andrea; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Pani, Danilo BIOSTEC SCITEPRES
Organic Bioelectronic Sensors 1-Jan-2023 Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Cosseddu, Piero; Lai, Stefano; Spanu, Andrea - Elsevier
Submicrometer-Channel Organic Transistors with MHz Operation Range on Flexible Substrates by a Low-Resolution Fabrication Technique 1-Jan-2023 Spanu, A; Losi, T; Mascia, A; Bonfiglio, A; Caironi, M; Cosseddu, P ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES -
Multimodal force and temperature tactile sensor based on a short-channel organic transistor with high sensitivity 1-Jan-2023 Mascia, Antonello; Spanu, Andrea; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Cosseddu, Piero SCIENTIFIC REPORTS -
Simultaneous recording of electrical and metabolic activity of cardiac cells in vitro using an organic charge modulated field effect transistor array 1-Jan-2022 Spanu, A.; Martines, L.; Tedesco, M.; Martinoia, S.; Bonfiglio, A. FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY -
Epidermal Electrodes with Ferrimagnetic/Conductive Properties for Biopotential Recordings 1-Jan-2022 Spanu, Andrea; Taki, Mohamad; Baldazzi, Giulia; Mascia, Antonello; Cosseddu, Piero; Pani, Danilo; Bonfiglio, Annalisa BIOENGINEERING -
Parylene C-Based, Breathable Tattoo Electrodes for High-Quality Bio-Potential Measurements 1-Jan-2022 Spanu, Andrea; Mascia, Antonello; Baldazzi, Giulia; Fenech-Salerno, Benji; Torrisi, Felice; Viola, Graziana; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Cosseddu, Piero; Pani, Danilo FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY -
A wearable electronic system for EEG recording 1-Jan-2022 Collu, R.; Mascia, A.; Spanu, A.; Fraschini, M.; Cosseddu, P.; Barbaro, M. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In vitro multiparametric cellular analysis by micro organic charge-modulated field-effect transistor arrays 1-Jan-2021 Spanu, A.; Bonfiglio, A. JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS -
Electrolyte-gated transistors for enhanced performance bioelectronics 1-Jan-2021 Torricelli, Fabrizio; Adrahtas, Demetra Z; Bao, Zhenan; Berggren, Magnus; Biscarini, Fabio; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Bortolotti, Carlo A; Frisbie, C Daniel; Macchia, Eleonora; Malliaras, George G; Mcculloch, Iain; Moser, Maximilian; Nguyen, Thuc-Quyen; Owens, Róisín M; Salleo, Alberto; Spanu, Andrea; Torsi, Luisa NATURE REVIEWS METHODS PRIMERS -
Interfacing cells with organic transistors: a review of in vitro and in vivo applications 1-Jan-2021 Spanu, A.; Martines, L.; Bonfiglio, A. LAB ON A CHIP -
Validation of a Novel Tattoo Electrode for ECG Monitoring 1-Jan-2021 Baldazzi, G.; Spanu, A.; Mascia, A.; Viola, G.; Bonfiglio, A.; Cosseddu, P.; Pani, D. COMPUTING IN CARDIOLOGY IEEE
Dynamic surface electromyography using stretchable screen-printed textile electrodes 1-Jan-2021 Spanu, A.; Botter, A.; Zedda, A.; Cerone, G. L.; Bonfiglio, A.; Pani, D. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING -
Neuro-electronic devices and nanotools to interact with neuronal networks 1-Jan-2020 Martinoia, S.; Andolfi, A.; Muzzi, L.; Pisano, M.; Spanu, A.; Raiteri, R. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Stretchable screen-printed PEDOT:PSS electrodes for upper-arm surface electromyography 1-Jan-2020 Spanu, A.; Bonfiglio, A.; Pani, D. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
A three-dimensional micro-electrode array for in-vitro neuronal interfacing 1-Jan-2020 Spanu, Andrea; Colistra, Nicolò; Farisello, Pasqualina; Friz, Alexander; Arellano, Noel; T Rettner, Charles; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Bozano, Luisa; Martinoia, Sergio JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING -
A Periodic Transmission Line Model for Body Channel Communication 1-Jan-2020 Lodi, M. B.; Curreli, N.; Fanti, A.; Cuccu, C.; Pani, D.; Sanginario, A.; Spanu, A.; Ros, P. M.; Crepaldi, M.; Demarchi, D.; Mazzarella, G. IEEE ACCESS -
Growing Patterned, Cross-linked Nanoscale Polymer Films from Organic and Inorganic Surfaces Using Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization 1-Jan-2020 Pattison, T. G.; Spanu, A.; Friz, A. M.; Fu, Q.; Miller, R. D.; Qiao, G. G. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES -
From MEAs to MOAs: The Next Generation of Bioelectronic Interfaces for Neuronal Cultures 1-Jan-2019 Spanu, A.; Tedesco, M.; Martinoia, S.; Bonfiglio, A. - Springer
Validation of Polymer-Based Screen-Printed Textile Electrodes for Surface EMG Detection 1-Jan-2019 Pani, D.; Achilli, A.; Spanu, A.; Bonfiglio, A.; Gazzoni, M.; Botter, A. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING -
Three-Dimensional Microelectrodes Array Based on Vertically Stacked Beads For Mapping Neurons' Electrophysiological Activity 1-Jan-2019 Lorenzelli, L; Spanu, A; Pedrotti, S; Tedesco, M; Martinoia, S - IEEE
Ultrathin, flexible and multimodal tactile sensors based on organic field-effect transistors 1-Jan-2018 Viola, Fabrizio Antonio; Spanu, Andrea; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Cosseddu, Piero SCIENTIFIC REPORTS -
An organic neurophysiological tool for neuronal metabolic activity monitoring 1-Jan-2018 Spanu, Andrea; Tedesco, Mariateresa; Martines, Laura; Martinoia, Sergio; Bonfiglio, Annalisa APL BIOENGINEERING -
A reference-less pH sensor based on an organic field effect transistor with tunable sensitivity 1-Jan-2017 Spanu, A.; Viola, F.; Lai, S.; Cosseddu, P.; Ricci, P. C.; Bonfiglio, A. ORGANIC ELECTRONICS -
A high-sensitivity tactile sensor based on piezoelectric polymer PVDF coupled to an ultra-low voltage organic transistor 1-Jan-2016 Spanu, Andrea; Pinna, L; Viola, FABRIZIO ANTONIO; Seminara, L; Valle, M; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Cosseddu, Piero ORGANIC ELECTRONICS -
An organic transistor-based system for reference-less electrophysiological monitoring of excitable cells 1-Jan-2015 Spanu, Andrea; Lai, Stefano; Cosseddu, Piero; Tedesco, M; Martinoia, S; Bonfiglio, Annalisa SCIENTIFIC REPORTS -
Bioelectrical and metabolic activity recordings by means of organic field effect transistors 1-Jan-2015 Spanu, A.; Tedesco, M.; Martinoia, S.; Lai, S.; Cosseddu, P.; Bonfiglio, A. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Flexible temperature sensors based on charge modulated organic thin film transistors 1-Jan-2015 Viola, Fabrizio Antonio; Cosseddu, Piero; Lai, Stefano; Spanu, Andrea; Bonfiglio, Annalisa - IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Charge sensing by organic charge-modulated field effect transistors: application to the detection of bio-related effects 1-Jan-2013 Demelas, M; Lai, Stefano; Spanu, A; Martinoia, S; Cosseddu, Piero; Barbaro, Massimo; Bonfiglio, Annalisa JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. B -
Organic FET device as a novel sensor for cell bioelectrical and metabolic activity recordings 1-Jan-2013 Spanu, A.; Lai, Stefano; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Tedesco, M.; Martinoia, S. - -
Dispositivi attivi basati su semiconduttori organici per applicazioni indossabili 1-Jan-2008 Barbaro, Massimo; Caboni, A; Cambarau, W; Cosseddu, Piero; Manunza, I; Orgiu, E; Spanu, A; Bonfiglio, Annalisa - Patron
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