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Srdnlen CTF 2023 - CyberSecurity Competition

Autore dell'avviso: Davide Maiorca

27 October 2023
Registration Open for Srdnlen CTF - CyberSecurity Competition


The CyberSecurity Capture the Flag Team "Srdnlen" (associated with the University of Cagliari) announces the second edition of Srdnlen CTF (https://ctf.srdnlen.it), an international Capture the Flag event that features challenges on many security topics (crypto, pwn, rev, web, forensics). The difficulty level varies from beginner to advanced. Srdnlen CTF is also the first round of Cybercup.it (https://cybercup.it), a new national CTF tournament that involves Italian Teams. The competition was organized with the support of the CINI Italian National Cybersecurity Lab.

The competition starts on Sat Oct 28th @ 16:00 (Italian time) and ends on October 29th @ 15:00. Registrations are open and free.

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