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EDUCating for Positive Management (EDUC+ M)

The “EDUCating for Positive Management” (EDUC+ M) project was designed by professors of the six members of the EDUC European University that share an interest in developing new learning materials to promote more sustainable business practices. 

Each partner has key expertise related to the project topic:

  • the University of Cagliari with sustainable corporate governance and reporting
  • the University of Paris Nanterre with responsible strategies and business models
  • the University of Pécs with marketing approaches 
  • the University of Potsdam with entrepreneurship, information system and public information,
  • the Masaryk University with stakeholder management
  •  the University of Rennes 1 with ethical human management.

In the context of international engagements on social, environmental and economic issues (UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU Agenda 2030, European Green Deal, “Accord de Paris”) and of the digital revolution, universities that teach business have a great role to play in the environmental and social transition by providing and teaching new business tools that could help to face 21st century challenges, especially post-COVID 19 crisis.

The general objective of this project is to tackle the gap of existing management fundamentals and teaching by proposing alternative contents, new tools and pedagogical models. It aims to produce and experiment with innovative pedagogical methods, tested in interdisciplinary and intercultural environments with digital, blended and face-to-face approaches.

The project has four main intellectual outputs:

  1. the design of an online moodle course about “Management for the Digital Age”
  2. the development of a Positive Business software game
  3. the design of a blended learning course about “Innovation in Positive Management”
  4. the development of a Sustainability business intensive study programme.

The main responsible for the project at the University of Cagliari is: Prof. Andrea Melis, professor and Corporate governance and management reporting.

The sustainable business week will be held in Cagliari from the 23dt untill the 29th of May 2022 and will gather 55 students from the six Universities and  more than 15 teachers. The main theme will be the integration of sustainability aspects in the business management.   

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