Opinioni laureati

Every year, the national Almalaurea office carries out a nationwide survey on Graduates' Profiles.
The survey provides a wide-ranging snapshot of graduates, their characteristics, their overall performance, the experiences they have gained during their time at university and their own evaluation of the Degree Programme just completed. Stats from the survey questionnaire and administrative data from the universities are pooled together to ensure the survey provides the richest set of information available.

Below are the Almalaurea Summary sheets for the Degree Programme, which summarize the most representative aspects of the survey with graphs and tables. The first part of the document, entitled "Satisfaction with the Degree Programme completed", is based on the Graduates' Profile survey. The second part is based on the Employment status survey (see dedicated page).
By clicking on the "find out more" link located next to the survey header, the complete and detailed statistical reference data can be consulted.

Schede di sintesi di Almalaurea – Soddisfazione e condizione occupazionale dei laureati

Le schede saranno disponibili al termine del primo ciclo del Corso di Studio.

Questionnaire and social

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