Tutor (Lectures)

Teacher- Tutors provide support to students throughout the Degree Programme.

Students may contact tutors for clarifications or to raise a point regarding, for example, the access requirements outlined in each course, the choice of so-called optional exams (both elective and core exams), attendance, teacher availability, and the final exam.

At the beginning of each semester, tutors organise orientation meetings with the students.

1° anno

Lorini Giuseppe
Phone: 070/675-3013
Email: lorini@unica.it

Ruggiu Ilenia
Phone: 070/675-3815 - Fax: 070/675-3825
Email: iruggiu@unica.it

2° anno

Durisotto David
Phone: 070/675-3041 - Fax: 070/675-3825
Email: ddurisotto@unica.it

3 °anno
4° anno

Caredda Valeria
Phone: 070/675-3046
Email: vcaredda@unica.it

5° anno

Loi Piera
Phone: 070/675-3019
Email: loip@unica.it

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