The Exam Calendar is finalized after the planning of all the Degree Programmes, the preparation of the current lecture timetable and in compliance with the University Regulations. It is aligned with all Faculty activity.

The timetable is subject to change, please consult it frequently at Exam calendar | Università degli Studi di Cagliari (

Instructions for enrolling and examtaking

Students who need to take written or oral exams must register for the examinations on the ESSE3 platform.

How to find out where exams are held

The Web Timetable indicates the classrooms where in-person examinations take place:

  • click on 'Search Event'
  • click on 'show search parameters'
  • under the type heading, select ‘exam
  • under status, select 'confirmed'
  • enter the date of the examination
  • under keyword, write the name of the examination

Special exam sessions for graduating students

For more information about special exam sessions for graduating students, please visit the Final Examination page.

Further rules for exam taking in the Law Degree Programme

On 6 December 2022, the Degree Board approved new and specific rules for exam taking, which can be viewed in the document published below.

Calendario Placement Test di Informatica

Gli appelli del Placement Test di Informatica sono periodicamente inseriti e quindi disponibili all'interno della Bacheca Appelli di Ateneo.

Nell'area riservata del test nella Piattaforma didattica EFIS sono invece disponibili i calendari completi, nei quali sono indicate tutte le date disponibili distribuite all'interno dell'anno accademico.

Questionnaire and social

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