Department of Biomedical Sciences

Research topics for degree theses:

Neurochemical anatomy of neuronal systems in the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral (SNP) of humans and experimental animals; anatomical localization of peptide neurotransmitters, neurotrophins, indicator molecules of synaptic plasticity.

Where you work:

Laboratory of Neurocytology and Neuroanatomy, section of Cytomorphology of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cittadella Univ. of Monserrato

What you do:

students work for the dissertation during the internship period.

Attending students learn and learn to independently apply the techniques for the preparation of a 'traditional' histological preparation, the use of the cryostat, the immunochemical techniques (western blot and immunohistochemistry) and RT-PCR analysis applied to the study of chemical neuroanatomy of the nervous system of humans and animals, observation and interpretation of preparations by observation under a light and / or fluorescence microscope, photomicrographs, computerized densitometric analysis of immunochemical preparations, the use of the most common databases for bibliographic research .

Number of students per year:

5 (3 of the bachelor's degree, 2 of the master's degrees in BCM and / or in NPB)

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